The Simplex Story

Our Goal

Produce SIMPLE and affordable reporting software for law firms while providing maximum flexibility and a refreshing customer experience. 

Our Story

As veteran consultants in the legal industry, Simplex BI founders, Rodger Cottrell and Ivan Stokotelny, have worked with over 100 law firms.  Rodger's practice focused on business consulting and new system implementations while Ivan focused on business intelligence and reporting. When these two consultants came together to discuss their common experiences, one thing became clear, every law firm struggles with reporting.  

Rodger had recently worked with a firm with over 600 custom reports on their legacy financial system, with a goal of rewriting 150 of those reports on their new system! With only a year until go live on the new system, this was a nearly impossible task.  

As the discussion continued Ivan provided the technical background on how such as task could be completed quickly and at a lower cost to the firm.  He further explained the technology exists, but no vendor has put all the pieces together to make reporting easy. This conversation gave birth to Simplex BI, the only reporting tool in the industry that enables financial professionals to build management quality financial reports with no technical expertise.  

SIMPLEX REPORTING and the SIMPLEX DATA STORE, integrated with both Aderant Expert and Elite 3E, enable the creation of native SSRS reports that can be run on demand, scheduled and published to firm management and attorneys. If you simply want to analyze your data, you can run the report directly to Excel. From there you can sort, filter and pivot all you want.