Simplex BI

The Problem

For decades law firms have invested millions into state of the art practice management systems only to find it extremely difficult to access their data. These firms are forced to invest thousands more to pay their vendor to write custom reports or they must hire technical staff who can learn the intricacies of the database. Creating these reports is both expensive and time consuming.   

The Solution

SIMPLEX REPORTING is the only tool in the legal industry to completely eliminate the requirement to understand your system's database structure, while creating management quality reports using the industry standard tool, Microsoft SQL Services Reporting Services (SSRS). SIMPLEX REPORTING is ideal for CFOs, Controllers, and Financial Analysts who need quick access to data. 

How we do it

SIMPLEX REPORTING leverages our sophisticated SIMPLEX DATA STORE, designed for your firm's reporting needs. The SIMPLEX user interface, integrated with Aderant Expert, enables financial professionals to select, order, and calculate data with no SQL or database knowledge. The finished product is a professional looking SSRS Report that can be produced on demand, scheduled, and published to users.