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5 Things Every Aderant User Should Know Before Installing

aderant sierra

If you’re like many firms today, the last thing you think you need is yet another piece of software. Instead, you’re continually working to meet the demands of your clients, your employees, and your caseload. Fortunately, there is a better option – Aderant. More than a simple piece of software, Aderant’s solutions are used today by some of the largest law firms around the world. A comprehensive option, Aderant Sierra offers the right technology to help your firm do more, no matter what your size. What should you know before you install this software option? Take a closer look. 

#1 – Aderant Offers Multiple Solutions

Aderant is practice management. We believe any software solution should actually make your life easier, and Aderant allows you to do a number of things. Aderant Sierra offers you an expert solution in the cloud. That can mean increased efficiency and profitability no matter where you might be. It incorporates financial management, time and expense capture, and case management in a simple package. Aderant Handshake offers quick access to all of your firm’s data in one application. Spotlight means the ability to see absolutely everything that’s happening in your firm from a financial standpoint. What’s more, though, is that those are just three of the applications Aderant has to offer busy firms like yours. If you’re struggling in your market, there’s an Aderant Solution to meet your needs. 

#2 – Aderant Can Be Used in the Cloud

Aderant solutions are often installed on physical servers inside a firm’s offices, but that’s not the only place this software succeeds. Instead, it can be installed in the cloud as well, so you can use it from anywhere in the world. While you will want to use a private cloud to help increase the security of your firm, hosting in the cloud means more accessibility and reliable access when you need it. 

#3 – Aderant is Scalable

Hoping to be able to continually adapt to the changing legal market? Aderant is the ideal software to help you withstand any future growth. Adding additional programming and services is easily accomplished with this software solution, and if it’s in the cloud, those adjustments take just a little more cloud space to compensate. 

#4 – Aderant Means Real-Time Visibility

Few things are as important to any business (including law firms) as real-time visibility to help the leadership see the financial health of the company. Aderant offers critical insights to help build a better model. It’s literally business intelligence at your fingertips. Complete with a configurable dashboard and Aderant manual easy report customization, it can mean the insights your company needs quickly

#5 – Aderant Improves Client Relationships

Building and maintaining client relationships must remain at the forefront of everything you do because happy clients continue to come back. The ability to reach out whenever you need, demonstrate your value, and show a commitment to help clients, though, comes at a cost – your time. If you’re spending time on practice management, though, you don’t have the ability to connect with clients in the manner you should. Aderant Sierra (Expert Sierra) can solve that problem, helping your firm take a client-centered approach that enables you to develop your business and do more with clients. 

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