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Compliance with outside counsel guidelines is essential for law firms to maintain strong relationships with their clients and ensure transparency and accountability in their billing practices. Both BillBlast and E-Billing Hub offer features that can help law firms adhere to these guidelines effectively and identify potential billing issues BEFORE the E-Billing vendor rejects fees that do not adhere to the Outside Counsel Guideline.

Below is a brief overview of these two industry leading products.


  • Customizable Billing Templates: BillBlast allows law firms to create customized billing templates tailored to the specific requirements outlined in outside counsel guidelines. This ensures that invoices include all necessary details such as matter codes, task descriptions, and expense breakdowns in the prescribed format.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Reporting: With BillBlast, law firms can track billable hours and expenses in real-time, enabling them to provide accurate and up-to-date reports to clients as per their guidelines. This transparancey builds trust and demonstrates compliance with billing policies.
  • Secure Online Payments: BillBlast offers secure online payment options, allowing clients to settle their bills conveniently while ensuring compliance with payment protocols specified in outside counsel guidelines. This may include using approved payment methods and adhering to encryptions standards for financial transactions.
  • Audit Trails and Documentation: BillBlast maintains comprehensive audit trials of all billing activities, including invoice generation, revisions, and approvals. This documentation serves as evidence of compliance with outside counsel guidelines and can be easily accessed and shared with clients or auditors as needed.

E-billing Hub:

  • Centralized Billing Management: E-Billing Hub aggregates invoices from multiple law firms and service providers into a centralized platform, making it easier for clients to review and approve bills in accordance with their outside counsel guidelines. This streamlines the billing process and ensures consistency across all legal matters.
  • Automated Billing Review: E-billing hub uses automated review processes to check invoices for compliance with predefined billing guidelines. This helps law firms identify and rectify any discrepancies or errors before submitting invoices to clients, reducing the risk of rejection or disputes over billing practices.
  • Customized Reporting and Analytics: E-Billing Hub provides customizable reporting and analytic tools that allow law firms to generate detailed insights into their billing activities. This includes metrics such as billable hours, expenses by category, and compliance with outside counsel guidelines, empowering firms to optimize their billing process and improve client satisfaction.
  • Secure Collaboration and Communication: E-Billing Hub facilitates secure collaboration and communication between law firms and clients, enabling them to discuss billing matters, resolve disputes, and negotiate terms in accordance with outside counsel guidelines. This fosters transparency and strengthens the client-law firm relationship. 
By leveraging the features offered by BillBlast and E-Billing Hub, law firms can streamline their billing processes, ensuring compliance with outside counsel guidelines, and maintain trust and transparency in their client relationships. These platforms not only enhance efficiency and accuracy but also demonstrate a commitment to ethical billing practices and client satisfaction while enhancing firm revenue by providing greater visibility into Outside Counsel Guideline violations. 

When combined with the use of Artificial Intelligence embedded in products like Aderant Onyx, Billblast and E-billing Hub deliver measurable ROI. We recently went into detail in our blog: AI’s Role in Streamlining Outside Counsel Guidelines. 

Simplex BI works with complex legal practices looking to use these tools to streamline their practice and prevent revenue leakage through policy violations. We can help guide you through the decision process on which software to implement and manage the implementation with you.

The Simplex BI Team