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Frequently Asked Questions About Aderant Sierra

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With the addition of Sierra to the library of Aderant Software, there is no better time to evaluate the benefits of moving to the Cloud.  Expert Sierra is Aderant’s answer to cloud-hosted software.  After initial skepticism, we have been very impressed with Aderant execution and migration process.  With additional industry-leading advice from Simplex BI, it’s now easier to scale your financial system with Aderant Sierra. As with any new product, many questions arise.  We’ve compiled a list of some tips for Aderant Sierra, as well as the top frequently asked questions we get from Aderant clients:

Is our data secure in Expert Sierra?

Yes. With their leading industry knowledge and software expertise, Aderant ensures the security of your date via Amazon Web Services (AWS) industry leading Cloud platform. 

Does Expert Sierra provide two factor authentication?

The next version of Expert Sierra, due out in September 2022, will provide two factor authentication as well as single sign on capabilities.  

Will I need to purchase different software if the firm experiences significant growth or merges with another firm?

No. Aderant Sierra is highly scalable.  The Cloud infrastructure can be resized to meet the needs of a growing firm.  

Can I depend on Aderant Sierra during peak times?

Yes. Aderant Sierra clients often express their satisfaction with the software’s optimum performance during peak times. The infrastructure has over 1000 monitoring nodes Aderant can adjust according to your firm’s needs, thus keeping you uninterrupted.

Should I be worried about the infrastructure and setup?

No. Aderant’s technical experts will guide you in installing Expert Sierra to ensure powerful functionality with minimal IT configurations.  Simplex BI can help guide you through the implementation and testing process to make sure your firm receives the best advice and prompt service you require.  

What is the difference between Expert Sierra and Aderant Expert?

The software is exactly the same but Sierra runs in the Cloud, not in the server room at your firm.  All functions available in your current on-premise Aderant system are available in Expert Sierra. 

For more tips for Aderant Sierra or any questions about implementing this software, contact us.

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