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How Aderant Expert Legal Software Helps Your Law Firm

using Aderant Expert Legal Software

A Clio survey found that on the average workday, attorneys spend nearly six hours on non-billable work. Thanks to the continual need for office administrative tasks, generating and sending out billing, and other business development work, spending time on the tasks that really matter to clients can be tough. How can you focus on growing your firm and building client relationships? Aderant expert legal software can help. 

What Is Aderant?

Aderant expert legal software can help with practice management. With a number of fully-featured modules to help you manage cases, time and expenses, billing, and a variety of practice tools, the goal of this software is to help you not only increase the profitability of your firm but also to give you real-time access to the data you need so you can improve efficiency. It even incorporates outside counsel rules and guidelines so you can remain in compliance. 

The Benefits of This Software System

Aderant expert legal software offers you improved organization. You need a perfectly orchestrated system for all of your policies and tasks inside your firm, and Aderant can provide just that. Whether you’re a fairly large firm or a solo practice, it’s easy to meet all of those administrative tasks on a daily basis thanks to this software system. No matter where you’re struggling with organization – case file management, tracking billable hours, or client invoicing – Aderant offers the right option to ensure you have the tools you need. 

It also means access to automation. Your firm could easily be more efficient if you can just automate particular tasks that you handle all of the time like retainer agreements and client correspondence. With Aderant, you won’t have to worry about the extensive time needed to create that documentation. Instead, the software will handle it for you. 

Aderant can be installed on your firm’s private servers or in the cloud, and that means you don’t have to be at your office to get things done. Adding a private cloud to Aderant software means accessibility and the ability to meet with clients or work from anywhere on the globe. 

Perhaps the best part of Aderant’s total software solution, though, is the hands-on data access it offers. Data is key to any business, and that’s just as true for law firms as it is for anyone else. You need information if you’re going to plan the direction of your law firm in the future, and Aderant gives you access to that information so you can – in real-time – gauge what’s working for your firm and what isn’t. You can even customize reports in Aderant Expert so you can instantly see any piece of the puzzle that might be frustrating your efforts to grow. 

If you’re ready to change the way you do business and really begin to see the bigger picture, automate key tasks, and focus on client relationships, Aderant expert legal software is the perfect tool. Schedule a demo today with our implementation experts at SimplexBI.

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