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Switching to Aderant Expert Time and Billing Software? Here’s What to Know

lawyer utilizing aderant time management software

As most legal firms only spend one-third of workdays on billable hours, Aderant Expert time management holds the potential to dramatically boost revenue. Your firm will greatly benefit from integrating time-management tools into your standard billing and case-management system with Aderant Expert. If your firm is making the switch, take some time to plan how your staff can best prepare.

Preparing for Aderant Expert Time Management Software

At your firm’s next meeting, take time to ensure everyone understands three things:

  1. What Aderant Expert’s time-management features are capable of
  2. The goals you hope to achieve with your billing software
  3. The success of your software depends on your staff’s input and understanding

After laying a solid framework, your entire team will have clarity on what must be done to ensure a smooth, non-disruptive change. To simplify the process, set aside some time during the next work week to accomplish the following:

  • Designate responsibilities for Aderant’s separate functions, allowing overlap where necessary
  • Divvy up preparatory tasks so no one is overwhelmed
  • Assess your current software, and identify redundancies
  • Ensure all hardware is capable of running Aderant Expert 8.0, and upgrade as necessary
  • Backup, organize, and archive all existing files that will be impacted by the change
  • Correlate digital storage systems with any hard copy systems
  • Schedule several days for your office administration staff to dedicate to implementing Aderant Expert time management tools, allowing for at least some workflow interruptions, and hiring temp work as necessary

Altogether, these processes will go a long way to ensuring your firm hits the ground running when the transition goes live.

Establishing Expert Time and Billing Practices With Aderant

Whether starting from nothing, transitioning from another system, or upgrading an older Aderant system, it’s essential to have a partner you can trust to facilitate more business operations with advanced cloud services. With Aderant, you’ll automate more of your workload, reduce errors, and maximize your staff’s time.

Simplex BI has the technical and industry-specific knowledge needed to reduce the complications of adopting Aderant Expert time management and billing software to an absolute minimum. To learn more, contact us — and start making the most of your company’s time.