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Top 5 Questions About Aderant

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Selecting the right software program to help you run your firm and manage your clients can be a challenge. There are so many different features and programs to consider. For many, though, Aderant Software is fast becoming the right choice. What is Aderant software? Even after you begin to learn more about this option, you may be left with questions. This quick FAQ can help you sort through at least a few of those questions. 

What Is Aderant Software? 

Aderant law firm software was designed for firms like yours to offer a technological solution that automates common processes, builds collaboration, and empowers your firm to do more. Aderant offers a number of different solutions to help you handle your firm’s finances, improve document management, and take a closer look at the time and money spent on every single case. 

How Will It Help Increase Profitability for My Firm?

Attorneys today are busier than ever, but that doesn’t mean you’re bringing in more money than ever. Any software option you select has to help make your firm more profitable, and Aderant does exactly that. Thanks to features that help automate common processes as well as those that help you see the bigger picture so you can make adjustments where they’re necessary, Aderant law firm software is the ideal way to get the visibility and help you need to increase overall profitability. 

Can It Be Installed On a Private Cloud?

Aderant can be installed on your office server, but it can also be hosted on a private cloud. Hosting Aderant on a private cloud doesn’t mean any loss of features. Instead, you get access to everything you need. Given the sensitive nature of law firm data, many attorneys worry about cloud hosting, but with Aderant law firm software, you get the best cybersecurity methods available today. You’ll instantly have access to the materials and information you need no matter where you are. 

Is It Scalable?

Ensuring your firm can grow and change as necessary is nothing short of a must, and your software solutions should be able to do the same thing. Fortunately, Aderant is completely scalable. Because the software offers a variety of modules to better meet the needs of your firm, you can select what builds your package and what may not work for you currently. No matter what the future of your firm, Aderant can shift to better meet your needs. 

Can It Be Tailored to Meet Our Needs?

Aderant comes tailored to meet your needs. The various modules available work independently of each other so whether you’re most concerned about your company’s accounting needs or you’re concerned with case management, the software is perfect for your firm. Add features as you need them to better help you focus on what you do best – practicing law. 

Is Assistance Easy to Access?

Training and support are key when it comes to law firm management software. Without it, your software solution won’t work for your staff members. At Aderant, creating user-friendly interfaces that are intuitive enough for any user is critical, but many firms need additional assistance.  Simplex BI offers all the help you need to get your Aderant system up and running.  

What is Aderant software? Hopefully, you have a better understanding now. Ready to get started with Aderant? Consider speaking with us to learn more about the process.