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Why Do You Need an Aderant Project Manager?

an aderant project manager

The world of legal billing has always been challenging. You’re bombarded with multiple legal claims to process and present before the court. The last thing you want is to deal with the complexities of billing or managing projects. So, why do you need an Aderant Project Manager?

When you have an Aderant Project Manager, you don’t have to worry about billing. And you don’t have to keep wondering, “what is a project charter?” Instead, you have the whole time to focus on your client’s cases and the firm’s profitability while your project manager helps you maximize your firm’s profitability.

What are the Roles of a Legal Project Manager?

The project management process in the field of law can be daunting. With multiple practice management systems on the market, choosing the right one for your firm can be a major make-or-break decision for your firm’s bottom line. At the same time, you want to increase efficiency, and manage client pressure. This can make a solid project manager an essential part of your firm’s growth.

So, still wondering “why do you need an Aderant Project Manager?” After all, many firms don’t have a project manager — it’s just the attorneys handling their businesses. But an Aderant project manager is involved in every phase of your firm’s projects to ensure everything runs as planned during the adoption of Aderant. 

Get the Best Aderant Project Manager for Your Firm

If you’re still unsure why you need an Aderant Project Manager, then ask yourself: what could our team do with hours of extra time every week? Could you grow your business at a faster pace? Could you increase monthly revenue by increasing billable hours? Aderant’s technology is revolutionizing various aspects of the legal billing industry to increase efficiency, improve client relationships, and drive profitability. Getting the best project manager can be daunting. However, partnering with an Aderant consulting firm like Simplex BI can help you secure the best Aderant project management experts to help you balance your workload.

At Simplex BI, our experienced professionals can help you switch to Aderant, implement Aderant, and/or work with you. We are determined to help you fill the gap between your client’s needs and your service efficiency.

Transform the way you practice law and achieve unparalleled success with our legal technology consulting services.