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How Project Managers Help You Get the most out of Aderant

risks project managers can handle

The legal profession has changed drastically over the years. Increased client demands, innovations in IT, and search engine reviews and rankings can all affect firm profitability. Due to these changing factors, many law firms are wondering if they should hire a project manager; or, if they already have one, how they can be properly utilized. For large law firms that use Aderant, their project managers’ value can be correlated with their level of knowledge of the program. In this article, we are going to look at the risks Aderant project managers can handle, and how to best put them to use at your firm.

Do You Have a Project Manager Already? If Not, Do You Need One?

Organization is critical to the success of any large firm, and implementing Aderant software is a step in the right direction. However, simply purchasing the program is one thing. Getting the most out of Aderant is more important. An Aderant project manager can help you boost productivity, keep your clients satisfied, and maximize efficiency. 

A project manager can help your firm if you have experienced (or are experiencing) any of these problems:

  • Missed revenue opportunities and lost invoice recovery
  • Keeping case files and client data in order
  • Juggling task management, billing, or time allocation 
  • Unsatisfied clients leaving negative reviews online
  • Unorganized growth, or overwhelming demand for your staff

Running a law firm means taking on risk, but there are plenty of risks Aderant project managers can handle and help mitigate. 

Risks Aderant Project Managers can Handle: Offers More Control To Manage Modern Technology

Technology keeps changing and evolving. New standards are making older methods obsolete, and most law firms still struggle to make changes. Aderant ensures your firm has a robust and scalable solution for supporting the management and growth of a modern, complex firm. 

Smaller firms can usually handle juggling their manageable lists of clients on their own, and with simple bookkeeping or billing software, they can stay afloat. But as your firm grows, things can get lost in the shuffle if you’re not able to keep organized. A project manager with a strong working knowledge of Aderant can help your firm grow in a sustainable way, giving your partners more time to do what they do best.

Partner With Simplex BI for Seamless Aderant Implementation and Management

There are many aspects of firm management that need attention, and just part of the solution are the risks Aderant project managers can handle. Simplex BI is a reliable legal technology consultant company created with the mission of assisting Aderant clients with getting the most out of their financial and firm management systems. Our experts will provide the solution, from implementation to maintenance and everything in between. We have a highly responsive team that looks out for your best interests. Contact us today to learn more about how Simplex BI can help you.