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Using Expert Sierra: Aderant Billing Tutorial

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Is your firm prepared to streamline billing processes with Aderant billing software? If you’re like most firms, the need for data-driven billing is more urgent than ever. Online billing services prove an effective solution to the biggest legal-billing pain points, and we’ve compiled this short guide to getting an Aderant billing tutorial and support needed to get up to speed with Aderant Expert Sierra.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Billing Software

Aderant’s Expert Sierra software secures numerous benefits for law firms of any size, most principally:

  • Cost-effective and efficient billing
  • Secure and accessible data storage
  • Real-time tracking and reporting

Key Features To Look for in Cloud-Based Billing Software

Not all online billing services are created equal. The following are essential to getting the most out of your Aderant billing processes:

  • Time and expense tracking
  • Customizable invoicing and billing templates
  • Automated billing and payment reminders
  • Integration with other software and tools

Further, these features can be utilized for maximum benefit with the assistance of a dedicated Aderant billing expert.

Best Practices for Implementing Cloud-Based Billing Software in Law Firms

When making the switch to Aderant Expert Sierra, carefully following the best Aderant billing tutorial makes all the difference. Begin by making time for your staff’s training and adoption strategies. You’ll need to carefully design new data migration and security protocols, correlating new data with old records as necessary. Further, you’ll need to engage in ongoing maintenance and updates to keep your software running efficiently and securely.

Case Study: Successful Implementation of Cloud-Based Billing Software in a Law Firm

The ABA reported the success of Chicago-based personal-injury firm McCready, Garcia & Leet, which needed an online billing platform that could keep up with their growth. Just as their caseload was increasing, their aging on-premise servers started to fail. The firm needed to decide between a new server and continued IT support, vs. migrating to the cloud, which would simplify the technical processes and reduce costs.

They chose the latter, selecting a software suite that gave them maximum flexibility over their company-wide data. The attorneys were immediately capable of synchronizing their billing data and accessing it on the go. Overall efficiency improved, and it also enabled the entire staff to collaborate remotely.

Hone Your Practice With Aderant Billing

Simplex BI sees case studies like these all the time in our work managing the technical processes that make Expert Sierra so efficient. If your firm is looking for new solutions to old problems, don’t hesitate to contact us or check out the case study with a mid-size law firm, and secure the support you need to make your online billing platform as efficient and error-free as possible.