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Using Legal Billing Software to Become a Connected Firm that Enhances Client Value

manager transitioning from paper billing to legal billing software

Is your law firm struggling to keep up with invoicing? Are you interested in finding a streamlined way to accurately and efficiently get your clients to pay online and get their invoices out on a routine basis? You need legal billing software.  Gone are the antiquated ways of sending out payment requests or leaving voicemails in hopes of getting a small payment from your clients. With billing software, legal minds can get their payments regularly, which contributes to a more efficient business.


What is Legal Billing Software?

Attorneys only bill an average of 2.5 hours a day, according to a 2020 Legal Trends Report. Where is all the time going? Wasted on repetitive tasks that are non-billable. This is where billing software legal aids can use in their office comes into play. It can help make invoice creation easy while reducing the time it takes to track and enter billable time. This software can send client invoices and create the ability to accept and account for all client payments. A good legal billing software is like an assistant that works solely in chasing down your revenue.

Simplifying Invoicing

One of the #1 reasons to upgrade your billing software is its ability to simplify invoicing. Mycase’s 2021 Legal Industry Report surveyed over 2,000 legal pros and 52% of them said that invoice creation is their top billing issue. Imagine if you are one of those respondents not having to worry about that. Here are a few ways your choice of software should help:

  • Give you multiple timers so that you can enter billable hours easily.
  • Convert tasks, events, or errands into billable time.
  • Customizes the invoice.
  • Automatic reminders and automated follow-up invoices.
  • Allows for client auto-billing payment setup.

This is in no way all of what your software should do, but it shows you some of the top things it needs to do efficiently. Allowing clients to make their own billing payment setup and creating automated reminders gives them better client service and keeps the amount of phone tag to a minimum.

If you’re curious about how an experienced consultant can help, give our office a call. We can get your legal billing software up and running to streamline your entire office.