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5 Things Aderant Experts Want You to Know

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Few industries have changed quite as much in recent years as the legal profession. Thanks to increased client demands, higher levels of globalization, and the shifting world of IT systems that make practices more efficient, tasks that were once fairly simple have now become complex issues requiring more time and money than ever. It’s what makes comprehensive practice management software solutions like Aderant absolutely key to profitability and efficiency, but what makes Aderant different from other solutions? Here are the top five thoughts you’ll want to consider, according to an Aderant expert:

  1. “It Means Real Change for Your Firm.” One Aderant expert suggested that the most important thing to understand is that the software really will change your firm. The features and functions are likely to shift almost everything you do as well as the way you do it. Unlike other software solutions law firms use, Aderant is installed in the cloud, providing a law firm with secure access from any location. Add that to the fact that so much of what you do on a daily basis can be addressed by an Aderant module, and your day-to-day is likely to look quite a bit different after Aderant is installed. It can handle all of your firm’s accounting and financial reporting needs, but it also includes options for workflow, case and records management, and even business intelligence to make your firm more powerful. 
  2. “Support is Simple.” Another Aderant expert believed the key takeaway should be the fact that support is incredibly effective. The company has developed a global support network with centers in North America, the UK, and Australia to provide clients across the globe easy access to support professionals at any point in time. Aderant routinely gets some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry because a qualified, knowledgeable professional is always available to solve any potential problems. Every support rep has an average of eight years of experience, so one call means connecting with a truly knowledgeable person. 
  3. “It’s Completely Scalable.” One of the best parts of the software for many Aderant experts is the fact that it’s wholly scalable. While your firm may only need a piece of the puzzle at the moment, but that could change down the road, so Aderant was designed in various pieces that fit together to address your needs at any given time. As you begin to experience the growth you really want to see, adding various pieces to help you accommodate that growth is simple. 
  4. “It Was Designed Specifically for Law Firms.” Some practice management systems were adopted by law firms to become industry leaders. Aderant, though, was designed from the outset to meet legal user requirements. In 2007, the company assembled a human factors team within their Product Management department to collaborate specifically with clients on how to create new products that would meet the needs of firms. The feedback they got was invaluable. They learned exactly how much information caused an overload for those working in a firm, how many clicks one task should take, and even where their eyes are most likely to go on a screen. Working with product managers and business analysts, they took that knowledge to create a new product specific to the challenges firms experience. The process continues today. As the teams begin to see needs in the legal community, they start once again with new research to learn about the problem and how best to solve it. 
  5. Enterprise software can be incredibly useful, but it’s not always straightforward and easy. That’s where we have built a name for ourselves. With consultation from the right team, and solid processes in place, installing Aderant and getting quickly up to speed can be accomplished, and it will be worth it. To do this successfully, you’ll need partners with the right balance of industry knowledge, software expertise, and technical skills. And getting up and running is just the beginning. Some of the other things our clients rely on our advice for are: Upgrade Planning, Project Management, Software evaluations, System Testing, End User Training, Data Warehouse Development, SSRS Report Development, Integrations, and Custom Application Development.

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