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Do I Need a Professional Consultant to Implement Aderant Software?

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Many firms have long been resistant to any kind of automation, including legal software options that make a variety of transactions performed every day a bit simpler. The reality, though, is that the new pressures firms face from the pandemic and changing workloads have pushed many to look toward practice management solutions like the Law Accounting Software Aderant that offer a variety of features. It’s not hard to see why, either. Even without the pandemic, firms were rethinking their traditional business models and working to become better companies. Some moved toward larger spreads of partner compensation, the evolution of roles everyone plays within the firm, and making a variety of other strategic changes. As law accounting software solutions like Aderant become the single best way to make practice management more efficient, though, some wonder if it’s a transition they can handle on their own or whether bringing in a professional consultant might be the way to go. The reality, though, is that while it isn’t absolutely necessary to have a professional consultant teach Aderant software to your legal team, these services may prove incredibly useful during the setup process. 

The Benefits of Working with a Consultant

Productivity has taken center stage at many firms, and as compliance risks and case complexities increase, so too does the need for solutions like Aderant. Installing it, even if it’s installed in the cloud, can bring added frustration to the team, and a professional consultant can save the firm quite a lot of time and thousands of dollars. By ensuring installation takes place carefully at the outset, the firm will be well poised to move ahead in a business-as-usual manner. 

Consultants also mean easy access to training. Frustration often occurs when employees across the firm spend too much billable time frustrated with technology solutions that are supposed to be doing just that. When a consultant is brought into the picture, however, much of that frustration disappears. A consultant is apt to better understand firms, the flow of productivity, and how the various modules Aderant offers can improve overall productivity. That means that when a consultant teaches Aderant software legal modules to partners, juniors, and the rest of the staff, the training is geared toward the knowledge they need most

Often the process doesn’t end with teaching, though. Typically it stretches to support as well. Once the software has been installed and everyone has been through a training session, the consultant can be available for questions or concerns for a period of time as the firm adjusts to the new software. 

Do firms need professional outside consultants to install Aderant? No, Aderant offers its services via its professional services team. However, engaging with an outside consultant will provide a different perspective and a resource dedicated to solving your firm’s issues. 

So, if you’re interested in having a conversation about Aderant, then contact us today.