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What is Aderant Sierra?

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If you are a law firm looking for an edge, then you’ve probably heard of Aderant Expert. The newest offering from Aderant, the leader in law-firm management software, is Aderant Sierra. Sierra brings the multifunctionality of Aderant Expert to the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). This enables increased ease of access and secure firm-wide data storage and management. In this article, we want to focus on some of the best things Sierra can do for your firm, and how our company, Simplex BI can help you get the most out of this new offering

AWS has been heralded as the leader in cloud security and innovation, so when it comes to servers to house your client data, this is the foundation you want your program to run on. Being in the cloud means you won’t have to worry about manual updates or maintenance, and it takes the general IT burden off your shoulders.

Our clients continuously tell us that one of the biggest hassles of practice management software is that it can only be accessed securely on-site. Just like the cloud has revolutionized many industries, law firm practice management just got a major boost in the convenience department.

How Aderant Sierra Can Help Practice Management

An overhaul of your practice management software can be time-consuming and complex but the effort will be worth it in the long run. At Simplex BI, we partner with medium-to-large-sized firms to guide you through the 12-16 week implementation process, and then partner with you to continuously maximize the effect that this kind of game-changing software can have on your firm’s output and productivity.

Before you get too excited, there are a couple of potential hazards you should be aware of. First, third-party software is not allowed on the Aderant Sierra servers. Second, your firm is not allowed to perform direct updates to the database via SQL. If you aren’t sure if any of those could potentially detract from your firm’s operation capacity, then check out our webinar on Aderant Sierra to get a deeper dive.

What is the Cost Structure Like?

Like many cloud-based programs or offerings, Aderant Sierra runs on a subscription basis. An annual subscription gets you access to the infrastructure and all licensed modules.  

Aderant Sierra Grows Along With Your Firm

As you expand, Aderant can keep up. Say you operate out of New York, but you are about to open up an office in LA, Austin, or Miami; with this cloud-based software, you can now have immediate secure access across all offices to the same data, in real-time. Without needing to change on-premise hardware or allocate additional storage space.   Aderant Sierra provides even more flexible scalability than its legacy, Aderant Expert. By leveraging 1,000+ data-monitoring nodes, real-time data-flow adjustments are made for optimal performance during peak operating times – and the advanced platform integration tools pull it together with your firm’s other important software.

The result is a custom, non-local firm-management tool for the most efficient possible analytics, billing, and other services according to the firm’s exact needs. With real-time visibility, Aderant Sierra’s straightforward custom report controls provide critical insights into the financial health of your company. Most fundamentally, Aderant Sierra helps firms because it doesn’t make them change what they’re already doing – rather, it pulls all their present firm-management software together under one unified interface.

High-Tech Solutions for Improved Relationships

Aderant Sierra’s greatest benefit is in helping firms stay client-centered for improved attorney-client relationships – and together with Simplex BI, we’ll tighten the gaps between your most pressing software capabilities and customer needs. We match our services tightly with your most urgent needs to not only maximize Return on Investment, but your Return on Relationship, as well.

Access All Aderant Sierra Has to Offer

We love this program, but we know that it isn’t necessarily intuitive. It can be time-consuming to educate yourself on how to optimize all of its capabilities, and then even more time-consuming to train your entire team on those capabilities. And we know that time is money. Extra hours you spend trying to squeeze the most out of this program are hours that you could be billing. 

At Simplex BI, we can help evaluate your needs. The first thing we want to look at is: is Aderant Sierra really a good fit for your firm? And honestly, we will tell you if it’s not. We don’t want to waste your time, and we don’t want you to waste your resources. But if we think it would be a good fit, and if you move forward with your Aderant subscription, then we’ll help you with your statement of work, and contract review. From there, one of our project managers will help facilitate implementation, create a test plan, and address any issues. In some cases, we will also take on a lot of the configuration, and help you go live. 

Free Consultation

We want this to make sense for you, and we want to partner with firms that are going to be able to get the most out of this software. At Simplex BI, we deliver comprehensive management of your firm’s entire digital information environment, custom-fit for your firm’s and your clients’ most pressing needs. So, let’s find a time to talk and see how we can help you with your implementation and operation of Aderant Sierra. Reach out to us today for your free consultation!

Interested in a free webinar on Aderant Sierra, click here.